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Dr. Lee Popwell

Dr. Lee Popwell graduated from National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois in 1979. After a short internship in Chicago, Illinois and Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Popwell returned to his home town of Jacksonville, Florida and began practicing in Jacksonville Beach in 1980.
He practiced for nearly 20 years with Dr. Gil Brown, who had practiced in Jacksonville Beach since the early 1950s. Dr. Popwell greatly appreciated the wisdom gained from the years of mentoring with Dr. Brown, who had practiced with his father.

Dr. Popwell met Elizabeth in Florida, and they were married in 1987. Since that time the Lord blessed them with three children: Brooks ('88), Lisa ('89), and Ben ('95). The Popwells homeschooled their three children while living in Jacksonville Beach. Seeing the need for Christian schooling to complete their education, they decided to move to Greenville to accomplish this goal through the Bob Jones school system. This move was made in 2003, at which time the Popwell Spine Center was established in Taylors, South Carolina, a suburb of Greenville.

Throughout his career, Dr. Popwell has served the chiropractic needs of many professional golfers. Being a golfer himself, his shared passion for the game, as well as his chiropractic profession, has allowed Dr. Popwell to assist many golfers, both amateur and professional. One of his most unusual venues of treating has been through the locker rooms of both the Players Championship and the Masters, where Dr. Popwell had unique access to the players right on their own turf during those professional events.

The Spine Center was based around a chiropractic family practice that was consistent with Dr. Popwell's conservative healthcare beliefs. As God blessed the practice, the need for another doctor became apparent. It was at this time, through the Christian Chiropractic Association's website, that Dr. Popwell met Dr. Joe Scota from Philadelphia. Not coincidentally, Dr. Scota had once lived in this area and his father was and still is a resident in Taylors, where he owns and operates the Scota Karate Academy.

Dr. Popwell & Dr. Scota established the Popwell•Scota partnership in 2004. Their desire is to work together to provide "Golden Rule" care for their patients centered around hands-on healthcare in a family-practice setting.