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With the constant escalation of cases involving back pains, more and more of our clients here at physiotherapy & chiropractic centre have been coming to us looking for the best ways to curb this ailment and get back to the right shape.

Do you have a back problem that keeps on recurring from time to time and you have questions like;

Can some serious conditions be causing my back pain? If so, which ones? Have they been ruled out?

What will worsen my back pain?

 Are there things I can do at home or in my life to reduce my back pain?

How will having back pain affect me? Can other problems develop?

What, if any, special accommodations do you recommend for school, home, or work?

How often do I need to come for an office visit?

If that sounds like you, then wonder no more. One of the services offered at PCC is chiropractic services. Chiropractic is the spinal manipulation of the vertebral column using hands to increase the spaces in between the vertebral bodies as well as enhance mobility in the spine.

Women are more prone to back pains than men, some say its pregnancy, others blame it on posture and others claim that its lifestyle choices that are to blame for the raising number of back pain cases. Perhaps the surprising statistic is that it is a condition that cuts across all ages. So what can you do to fix this deliberating lifestyle that is becoming more and more common among women?? Join Dr Magret Stower, Dr Neera Sharma Maini and Wangui Wachira and host Kobi Kihara as they discuss on ways to control the issue of back pains.

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Comment By vellah

very informative post and video